The Book of Lumeria is a co-created world building project delving into the ancient desert isle of Lumeria, a once-diverse civilization centered around a sacred spring that provided life-giving water to the people.

The Book involves two parts: one of the ancient lore, and the other of its current timeline.

This is an ongoing project and things are still a bit scattered, but feel free to explore the realm of the alchemical civilization.



Lumeria was a once-diverse civilization centered around a sacred spring that provided life-giving water to the people. The spring was part of an ancient alchemical engine that turned the sun’s energy into magical power that allowed the city to thrive on the islands, which were barren desert without the dynamo’s life-giving magic..

The City

The civilization started out as a small community around the oasis spring, but as their society and technology advanced upon the discovery of Alchemy, the settlement soon grew into a massive city and spread across the island until there was nowhere to build but down. With the power of the Well, the ocean was pulled apart to allow the city to expand along the sea floor.

The city now sits in ruins, the expanse of the ocean now having swallowed the sunken district and the above ground buried under the sands.

The Alchemy Well

The ancient alchemical device which converted sunlight into magical energy. It was primarily made up of a citadel tower with prisms that focused the rays of the sun onto a magic globe situated underground, which then powered wards throughout the city through alchemical relations with the sun. Subterranean channels running deep under the area of the ancient city distributed the magical power.

Each of these parts was complex in their inner workings and involved the use of many enchanted artifacts and magic runes that required maintenance by the Ardents. Many of these artifacts and other various components of the Well were made of precious stones and rare metals, and it was these components that were stolen, leading to the civilization's collapse.

The Ardents

The winged guardian faction of the city and descendants of the indigenous people from former civilization who still guard the holy ground with religious fervor, having watched over the ancient city since its beginnings. Members are raised as priests, guardians, and alchemical engineers of the city. They had a sacred duty to preserve and protect the city and its inhabitants by maintaining its sun-based alchemical magic system and guarding its borders.


Hi, I am Monica Rao, a concept artist living in Richmond, Virginia, and the artist of the Book of Lumeria. This is a world I built from inspirations of childhood video games, a love for fantasy, and a fascination of mythologies such as Atlantis. Lumeria sprouted from a story concept for a fan group which I took and revived into a more concrete and expanded lore.